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Options for every student

AT FF, you can form your own group or design an individual program that works best to achieve your goals. Our expert instructors offer genuine support and guidance while teaching students the latest strategies and content of the SAT/ACT.

find the Future focused aCT/SAT solution that is right for you:

Satisfaction Guarantee with each session
30 min Strategy Session
Time Frame
7 weeks, 2 sessions/wk, 90 min each
10+ weeks, 2 sessions/wk, 90 min each
Total Instruction Hours
21 hrs
36+ hrs
Diagnostic Tests
1 test
(4 hours)
4-5 tests
(20 hours)
$4200-  (minimum)

For the student who requires a more intensive program in order to obtain a particular goal score. This program requires the focus and determination to prepare over a longer period of time with a higher average improvement.

We start with a strategy session to determine the goal and format to achieve that score increase.

For the student seeking a personalized and guided study process with scheduling and curriculum based on their needs.  This program fits into a manageable time commitment of 7 weeks.

Custom-designed instruction delivered in a one on one format, specifically tailored to your student’s test-taking strengths and weaknesses. 

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“The team was great - my son improved his score on the ACT 5 points, they worked with him on the areas he needed support.”

— Future Focused Parent

“You helped my son's SAT scores improve dramatically and he was able to get into his top school.”

— Future Focused Parent

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