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Next Stop, College

Which colleges are right for me?
When should I take the SAT?
What deadlines do I need to know about?
What should I write my essay on?
Should I apply Early Decision?


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Our admissions experts focus on getting to know your child and crafting a custom strategY for admissions success 



High school has started and it is time to get serious about college. For ninth graders, we focus on setting students up for academic and extra-curricular success in high school.

This is one of the most crucial years of high school. You are setting the stage for college applications and now is the time to exploring colleges and building strong resumes that truly reflect your strengths.

It is game time. The college application should begin now and we are here to support you. In eleventh grade, students dig deeper into college selection and we create an individualized college list, a testing timeline, and begin preparing for college essays.

It is all about the applications and essays. In our sessions or intensive boot camps, we assist seniors with their essays and make sure they are presenting themselves as well as possible on the actual applications.

Course planning and discussion about rigor of coursework (appropriate AP courses, how many years of a language should he/she take, etc.)


Resume building – brainstorming an individualized approach, which activities to pursue, how much time to invest in each, etc.


PSAT / SAT / ACT / SAT Subject Test planning – development of testing timeline as well as re-testing and subject tests advising


Formation of college list – “Reach” schools, “Ballpark” schools, and “Likely” schools


Management of college requirements – letters of recommendation, essay requirements, interviews, testing requirements


Determination of best application strategy (Early Decision v. Early Action v. Regular deadlines) for each college


Essay brainstorming and editing – main essay(s) and all supplemental essays


“My son got great results with Future Focused!”

— Future Focused Parent

“[They] make you feel like they are totally in it with you to help your child achieve their greatest potential. ROCK STARS.”

— Future Focused Parent

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