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This is one of the most crucial years of high school. You are setting the stage for college applications and now is the time to exploring colleges and building strong resumes that truly reflect your strengths. Popular session topics include:
Overall assessment – review the student’s full profile and offer feedback and suggestions for academic coursework, standardized testing, and extracurricular activities

Course Planning and discussion about rigor of coursework (whether or not to do IB, how many AP courses are appropriate, how many years of a language should he/she take, etc.)

PSAT / SAT / ACT / SAT Subject Test Planning

Resume building – brainstorming about what makes sense for the individual student, which activities to pursue, how much time to invest in each, etc.

Academic goal – setting & accountability

College list – evaluation of criteria to determine best matches, campus visit suggestions

1 hr     $150.00

sophomore YEAR

College planning session

Individual Sophomore Year College Counseling Session

1 hour

No minimum session requirement.


The 3 largest universities in the US are:

1) University of Central Florida, 2) Texas A&M University - College Station, and 3) The Ohio State University

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