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The ACT is a content-based test that moves quickly. For the majority of the test, you have less than one minute per question. This means practice is crucial; you need to be very familiar with the material and the pacing of the test.

Learn how to do each topic area and every practice question. You design the study plan that works for your individual needs. We provide the cutting-edge curriculum that guarantees the point increase.

ACT Online packages
Our online ACT prep offers independent study with the Future Focused personalized touch.  If you need additional help with a solution, reach out to one of our experts via our Homework Hotline.

If you know what date you would like to take the test, choose either the Standard or the Premium program. If think you will be taking the ACT more than once, opt for Premium Plus so that you have access to the program for a full year.

*For more on our Point Guarantee, click here

“Thanks a million for your help!!! Hannah brought her score up from a 28 (stuck for three consecutive tests) to a 30! This means she will get a full scholarship at her chosen school. . .You saved us $20,800!”

— Katrina, Parent

“This is a transparent program that invites parents into the black box of test prep.  I actually enjoyed sitting with my son and watching the videos. Where was this program when I was a teenager?!”

— K.M., Parent

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